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Interview with Michael Gerry: Craft and Contemporary Art

Curriculum Vitae


1984-1985 University of Toronto, Faculty of Education. Ontario. 

TeachingCertificate / Technological Studies. Intermediate / Senior – Art.

1975 L’ École de Beaux Arts, France. Part-time studies.

1971-1973 Central Technical School, Toronto. Full–time studies.

1970-1976 Three Schools of Art, Toronto, Part-time studies.



2016 Reflections Of My Neighbourhood, Toronto.

2010 Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto.

2005 Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto.

2004 Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto.

2002 Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto.

1997 Painted City Gallery, Toronto.

1995 Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, Toronto.

1989 Loggia Gallery, Koffler Center, North York.

1985 Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, Toronto.

1985 Idée Gallery, Toronto.

1981 Idée Gallery, Toronto.

1978 Donwood Institute, Toronto.

1977 Cinema Lumière, Toronto.

1976 Factory Lab Theater, Toronto.

1975 Santa Cruz Gallery, Tenerife, Canary Islands.


2002-2011 Fran Hill Gallery, Toronto

2005 Hummingbird Centre, Toronto.

2004 Thielsen Gallery, London, Ont.

2000 Loop Gallery, Toronto.

2000 Lieutenant-Governors Suite, Queen’s Park, Ontario.

1999 Studio Gallery, Fine Arts, Toronto.

1999 Open Studio, “100 Prints”, Toronto.

1998 Art Expo / Denison Gallery, New York City.

1998 Art Rental Service, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1997 “Human Landscape”, Painted City Gallery, Toronto.

1997 Ontario Society of Artists, Touring Exhibitions, Ontario.

1997 “Dancing With The Leviathan”, Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto.

1997 Open Studio, “100 Prints”, Toronto.

1997 Art Option, Markham, Ontario.

1996 Painted City Gallery, Toronto.

1996 “Permanent Collection”, Art Gallery of North York.

1996 “Drawing and Engraving”, Painted City Gallery, Toronto.

1996 Art Rental Service, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1996 “Face”, Touring Exhibition, Ontario and Quebec.

1995 “Image 95”, J. B. Aird Gallery, Toronto.

1995 Open Studio, “100 Prints”, Toronto.

1994 Seoul 9th International Print Biennale, Korea.

1991-8 Ontario Society of Artists Exhibitions.

1991 Glass Works, Toronto.

1990 Power Plant Gallery, Toronto.

1989 Artefect Gallery, Toronto.

1987 Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto.

1986 Art Gallery of Hamilton.

1986 Faculty Show, Toronto School of Art.

1985 Geraldine Davis Gallery, Toronto.

1985 Art Rental Service, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1985 Idée Gallery, Toronto.

1985 Harbourfront Gallery, Toronto.

1984 Open Studio, Toronto.


Represented in private and public collections including:

The Corporation of the City of Toronto.

University of Toronto.

Museum of Contemporary Art, M.O.C.A. Toronto.

The National Film Board.


1995 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

1989 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

1985 Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant


2010-Present, Observational Painting, Michael Gerry Studio Toronto.

2005-10 Plein Air Painting, Paintaworld, Tuscany, Provence.

1989-2010 Life Drawing / Painting, Central Technical School, Toronto.

1994 Life Drawing, Max The Mutt Animation, Toronto.

1989 Illustration Program / Life Drawing, Sheridan College, Brampton, Ontario.

1984-89 Advanced Studies in Visual Arts, Arts immersion program for secondary school students, Senior Gallery School. Watercolour. Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

1984-89 Watercolour and Mixed Media, Workshops. Portrait, Cityscape, Toronto School of Art, Toronto.

1985-89 Painting and Drawing, Koffler Centre, North York.


Cupchik G. C;  The Aesthetics of Emotion

Cambridge University Press 2016